Our Support

Service Delivery Team

Our service delivery team is pictured below so you can put faces with names!

Your team’s main support team consists of an account manager, a tech, and a regional manager. On occasion, you might see other members of our team or speak to them via phone or email.

If you have questions about your school’s delivery team or would like to escalate a ticket, you can reach out to Emily Jenkins.

If you have questions about contracts, sales, or would like to reach the corporate office, contact Elizabeth Bloksberg or call (888) 676-0252.


Emily Jenkins

Director, Client Services


Elizabeth Bloksberg

Account Executive

Account Managers


Katie Jenkins


Jeff Huang


Kara Kraus

Technical Support Team


Jax Williamson


Eric Scott


Scott Drury


Chris Vance

Additional Bonsai Team Contacts

As a technology services company, your school’s security is of the utmost importance to us. Since our team often discusses and has access to sensitive information, please be careful to contact only the team members you know at the email addresses listed on this page.